Dec 20, 2007

Subtle changes peeps

can u see the o so subtle changes to my template o my blog?

Peter! I need your help with further changes!

I tried to change the picture to the right and I found out that it has been sooooo long since I logged in to Flickr, that my old account is there to look at, but my login info is invalid...booooo. Forever looking and not changing!

Mini pizzas with my friends and their angelic little girls tonight and then off to the Christmas Train!!! I love the mini train in Stanley Park! my neighbour is the head engineer!

Spooky Ghost train is better than Christmas train, however, wouldnt you agree?....we missed it this year what with the strike n all. Does anyone (other than my generally non commenting close friends) live in vancouver or are the majority o comment people from all over the Canada/world? Does anyone else feel a Stanley park mini train love?

Dec 18, 2007

check this out, if u can.... If Nader wrecked the election and fucked us all over for years to come....then aren't we the dummies for voting for him? Ain't his fault. The fuckin turncoat that Michael Moore turns out to be in this docu is pretty alarming.

mmmmm...non fiction.

Dec 15, 2007

Christmas Bleed

hello friends,

let the christmas bleeding of money commence! Actually, I think I am officially all bought up for this year as far as gifts go...ouch, and hooray.

yearly cookie making party to follow.

Christmas party for work was last Wednesday. We went to Soma....know the place? we drank a little too much wine-o.

Christmas party tonight, our friends have a 8 year old who is going to entertain us with carols on the piano.

Inbetween these events and my work....the 12 song album continues towards completion...we shall see if it makes it to 12 or 11.....or 10....ah! to be done!

Dec 9, 2007

can we please hurry up

and get past the shortest day of the year already. Let's all get together and plunge out of darkness!

agreed then?

Nov 25, 2007

attics and cellars

some people think that our little string band is called "addicts and sellers". It's not, it's Attics and Cellars like a house. We have a new addition to the band, a bassoon player named Arland and he has a beard.

We opened for Jose Gonzalez last night at Richards. wow, people pack out a show for that man! it was nice to play a big audience show, they seemed to like it. He is Swedish, did you know?

Nov 17, 2007

check these wild words out

when i was a kid, i wrote an essay about disneyland for grade 1 or 2....I suppose essay is a bit of a strong word for a early grade paper. my family and I went to disneyland for christmas break. i was learning how to read n write real-good-like and I used the word "het" instead of "had" throughout the entire essay. ex: "my sister and mom and dad het to ride the bus to tijuana from san diego". i wrote the paper in my grandpa's basement on a pad of lined, legal size (8/12 x 14) paper.

welp, Ryan is too busy to speak, so I will have to bore y'all with my own words.

I also remember writing a paper about the sinking of the titanic in grade 1 or 2 as I was quite taken with that old black and white film about the o man, what was that movie called? "a sad day" "a cold day" mmmm anyone know?

I am stressed out a bit and it is causing me to have weird anxiety dream/thoughts whilst in bed. last night I was thinking about steak....then I thought that people do not eat "steak skin", then I thought about steak skin being tanned and then made into leather, then I thought about eating crispy chicken skin, then I thought about making "chicken leather".

welp, what else? this blog is much more in the style of "blog" than I usually submit to....I suppose I do not put alotta effort into my dear blog. I need to update the look! BUT I AM AFRAID!

man o man, pet peave = yelling through typing by use of capitals!

I will now go look for a default boring photo that does not involve any people in it to complain about my public use of their face to fill up this post.

ooooh here is a good one! mac n cheese at the liquor bar in new york!

oooh a theme! my huevos rancheros in new mexico:

Nov 8, 2007

time time time

oh november times. tough time o year here in the 'couv. seriously kids, I am trying to get Ryan to write some answers to inquisitive minds on the last blog...more liquor bar pics. have any of you seen this stuff on u-tuber?

watch them all

Oct 28, 2007

new york stories

so it was hot in NYC. new york is shrinking. everytime I go it gets a little smaller and easier. whole foods was right next to our hotel, yesss!

That's me at Schiller's Liquor bar. yum and fun. please go if you get a chance. also, that's me in front of joey ramone Place. Unflattering photo, up the nose shots are never good. but the moment needed capturing. xo

Oct 18, 2007

baby's first blog

Hello loneliest people on earth,

I am Megan's E-list celebrity guest blogger.
My name is Shane Nelken and aside from being a transgender child councellor, I front the band The Awkward Stage of which your usual blogger is a most appreciated member.
We are currently drunk in NYC for the annual cmj music fest/failure rodeo.

Our show last night went pretty well considering we played on no sleep and very little interest.
(kidding) we brought the mutha fuckin' thundah!

we are trying to decide what show to see tonight.
Most of us want to see spoon but there are a few people hoping to see the seed beards who are opening for courtesy flush and
the fuck holes. Could be good but i don't usually like world music.

Its getting increasingly hard to type with all this puke on the keyboard.
OH great, now i'm pissing!

stop reading this and go outside.


Oct 1, 2007

I am home and here is my first video upload attempt

the boulder theatre in sweet lady Boulder...

this is at the Egyptian Theatre in Boise. good times. I played 6 shows with Fancey, and 6 shows with the Awkward Stage. You can look forward to my next video of a turtle eating a, seriously...

Sep 10, 2007

fluff monster

more blueberry pictures from gavin. I am going away now for 2 weeks. see you later, maybe in Los Angeles? Maybe in Seattle?

Sep 4, 2007

frame it!

photo by gavin de west

Aug 28, 2007

omg video

there is video upload on blogger now??! I gotta try it!

look at the mini/baby vans that I bought for a present! so mini! They are on my laptop to show scale (although what size is my laptop...?)

that's me in the studio...the album is coming makes me is goodie.

Aug 21, 2007

whoot whoot

I'm back!

I didn't go anywhere, actually. But I didn't feel like blog-a-cizing.

Birthday was good. played a really long game of croquet. ate crepes at crepes suzette in park royal mall. yumsical.

played cello for a wedding on sunday. went well. I am getting better. cello is so much easier than the double bass to play and make dependable pretty sounds.

I will be touring with Fancey, opening for the new pornographers in september. US west coast dealio.

blueberry is well, incase you were wondering.

new favorite thing: my striped APC dress

Jul 29, 2007


hi and my birthday is drawing closer and closer.


a vacation, I would like to go to:

1. iceland
2. new zealand
3. england/scotland/ireland

all 'lands btw...

why not canadaland, or americaland back in the day when the countries were named ?

Jul 24, 2007

cloud invasion

there was this gigantic cloud around a week or 2 ago and it looked like a space ship (independence-day-style, the movie).

photo by neighbour gavin.

so there.

Jul 19, 2007


I went to amerivespa....north america's largest scooter rally. I won a ribbon for runner up to best original condition smallframe. this is gretta, (I think that was her name) she is a very well behaved pet who posed on my scoot. photo by my friend gavin. this picture was taken on vashon island just outside seattle. what a fantastic city!

Jun 23, 2007

attics and cellars

did you know that blueberry was nominated for "recording engineer of the year" for the Junos? she didn't win, unfortunately. but she did go party in the 'toon with her close friend, nelly.

hey I've updated the attics and cellars link to an actual attics and cellars link.

isn't that amazing?

featured on the attics and cellars myspace page are 2 songs that we have so far recorded with mr ryan at his studio. laugh out loud and sheep and wolves...not the other song.

we have a show at the main coming up on july 6th. dan bejar will also play some musicy.

ryan went on tour with wil, for a week or so, to play some guitar and have some fun. go see him and say hi.

it is my dad's 60th birthday on sunday. cool.
happy birthday, gary edward.

Jun 18, 2007

whatever happened to....

the weather in Vancouver has been very un-summer-like. I would like to exchange it for a new one, please.

Next, limblifter dot com has expired some how, maybe Ryan will put it back up or maybe he will start a new website as his album that we have been working on is not a Limblifter album. More of a solo album. There are some great songs on this album that we are getting closer to completion. moo-ah ah ah.

I just downloaded some photos from my camera. It has been awhile! The above photo is from the May long weekend Victoria getaway. That's my '60 triumph and George's '64.

Jun 11, 2007


I bought a new bike.


it is a 1982 vespa 100 sport. all original. nothing to fix.

I am not turning my back on the triumph. but I have needed a reliable for a while.

I have not taken a photo yet.

Jun 5, 2007


I saw that movie 300 last night. I am sure everyone will disagree with me...but I thought it was rad. when I was little I loved Clash of the Titans and 300 presented me with a pure entertainment of cinema once again. Loads of creatures and oracles and deep-voiced giants! I like the guy who is the main character too--he was in the perhaps more excellent "beowulf and grendel" it gerard butler?

May 29, 2007


well, the triumph broke down again. I am about to un-insure her.

Apr 30, 2007

clean machine

photo by ryan. with my camera.

Apr 26, 2007


thats me, the little speck o a person. thats some cool beach in west van. what a life.

I am thinking about going dormant for maybe until music starts happening again....

Apr 22, 2007

domaine de chaberton

we went to domaine de chaberton for ladies style luncheon. actually, it was a very belated birthday gift for jennifer. It was sunny and I had of my favorite food groups. we drank some baccus wino from domaine de chaberton. My shirt was the same colour as the wall.

I recommend a lunch out there in south langley land.

Apr 12, 2007


I miss the food and weather of austin. and the cab drivers.

Apr 9, 2007


kim lara and me

Apr 7, 2007

a viewmaster!

my friend/neighbour gavin took rad photos of me the day I rode my triumph for the first time-o.

he took loads of other great shots but I thought I would start with this one because:

a) action shot!
b) surreal! it looks 3-d viewmaster style of photo. the front tyre almost looks as if it is floating.

I havent ridden the bike since this photo as I have had zero time, now I have a cold, and there is a new electrical problem with it! hooray!

attics and cellars @ the Main tonight

Apr 3, 2007

triumph tigress triumph

it runs!

it is alive!

I rode it for the first time in 5 years of ownership.

so cool.

I forgot my camera.

Mar 26, 2007

chupacabra attacks

this guy is chupacabra number 1. he lives in bushes an eats goats.
we played the light bar. I discovered queso sauce. I was surprised and mildly impressed by lone star beer
I wore a monoclothing dress in the hot weather. heather is debuting her spring line at the block fashion show on thurs.

attics and cellars play sat nite @ backstage lounge.

Mar 19, 2007

home from SxSW

okay so I went to texas, Austin that is...with the Awkward Stage

here is my first installment of photos of shows that I saw. Most of these pictures are pretty bad as I cannot seem to take a photo without my hands jiggling.
thats me enjoying the 26 degree sun while watching the Melvins. they were really good, I like the Melvins alot, they played alot of old songs that I knew.
here is my blurry photo of small sins playing. you can see brent's head just barely. I ran into Pat Steward on the street on his way to small sins, so I went with him.
here is a terrible photo of daniel johnston. what an amazing treat and rare experience to see him in person. He told some very inappropriate jokes and then played around 6 songs that were completely amazing in their sincerity. I liked the Lucifer song the best. his arms and hands shook so throughout the entire set.and finally a not so bad photo of peter bjorn and john. they played a creepy televised show, but at least the show was big so I could easily get in. I love this record. Bjorn is my favorite. i am going to see them at the Commodore in April.

more to come. but those were all the shows that I went to, except for aqualung (whom I had never heard of, but they were pretty good). I ate my first corn dog at the aqualung show.

Mar 11, 2007


I like cheese.

I get alot of headaches and sometimes I panic that some doctor is ging to say to me: " lady, you feel like shit cause you should not eat cheese and bread".

dont get me wrong. I eat salad and frozen blueberries and fish and oatmeal and green tea (and bread and wine and cheese)

today I learned about dust mites and that their poop causes people to sneeze in bed. now i am paranoid about not having a clean bed (not a bad thing to be paranoid of but, a bit o a pain to really keep up with) I sneeze in bed all the time....

TODAY I INSURED MY TRIUMPH TIGRESS! I OWN IT AND IT EXISTS LEGIT. THIS IS A HUGE MOMENT. I have owned this bike for 5 years and, as of a few days ago, it is running well with it's fully rebuilt engine. I still have not gone for a ride on it myself...ha ha ha....soon. I must respect the powerful and beautiful machine that is much bigger than me.

a picture to come...

we open for the zombies tomorow night!!! 7:30 @richards

sxsw on weds....yikes!

Mar 4, 2007

down to the wire

I had football head today. I could never really quite wake up. Is everyone excited about hay fever season? I went to a Party tonight and I was all allergic-y today and the house party had cats and that made my eyes swell up and turn red and then I had a nose bleed. I need to live in a there.

sxsw looms on the horizon, but in the meantime (member helmet?) we play at richards next sunday opening for the zombies (whats your name, whos your daddy la la la) they have requested to use my bass amp. I find that weird. did I tell you about my favorite and newest amp? my '76 ampeg b15n...aka the portaflex. xo

is anyone else itchy from the blossoms? My tigress went away with dear richard our master mechanic friend. purrrrhaps the tigress will run this summer after all! what an amazing looking and terribly engineered machine.

off to bed

current food: smoothie (banana, soymilk, orange, frzn blueberry)

current music: deerhoof (6/10) and billy nichols 10/10 (we are going to play a cover "london social degree")


Feb 25, 2007

I really do not have much to say...

apparently this is a vincent scooter. does that mean the real vincent? I would like a vincent motorcycle but that is something that will most likely remain unattainable for the rest of my life.

good news is that my triumph will most likely run this spring. my main man richard, who rebuilt my engine and fixed my mystery gear problem is taking the tigress to his house for awhile to tinker away and make it run. I used to like the idea of tinkering and fixing machines but I recently completely lost interest and just want to ride cool, rare, ridiculous machines. so there.

I am off to texas in a couple weeks....I really dont feel like getting on a that bad? I hope the weather is warm as fuck. just 3 nights for sxsw, then home to enjoy daylight savings, upcoming peterbjorn and john show, and victoria rally, and more songs with ryan.

Feb 19, 2007

the mum

happy 60th birthday Bronwyn...

aka my mom.

she got kicked in the leg at work by a patient at the hospital and refractured her leg in the same spot she broke it when she was a teenager 2 weeks ago. a few days later she got the puking style flu. and a few days after that she got a massive head its her birthday tomorrow and we canceled birthday plans cause she is sooo sick.

poor bronwyn on her 60th...

Feb 13, 2007


dear so and so,

all I want for valentinian day are some parrot tulips and orchids. oh wait, I already got some today at work! Also, I know Bluberry would like something to chew misc pieces of leather. Oh wait, she already got some delicious chewable pieces of leather in drab taupe colours that she cannot keep her beak from destroying.

Dear mr valentiney,

I know my friend greg would like a p200 just like mine, so that he can go for summertime rides with me 'n' mononeca....oh wait, he just bought one that is pristine.

well, if you were a god,

I would like the warm weather to gradually increase with a guaruntee of no more cold spells. I would then start riding my wicked ugly/bastardized bike to work and occasionally have an asthma attack coming up that big hill.


ps. come eat nachos/stout beer and see sparrow sectional....soon to be renamed attics and cellars, at the main on saturday nite...yum

Feb 9, 2007

poured chrogressions

the little guy right in the middle that is looking right into the camera reminds me my ole pal mr splitz (RIP).

I went to this strange pet store where alll the birds were in open air bin style cages so you could just reach in and handle the birds...must be traumatic on the little feathered animals

I went to OF MONTREAL last night. I dig the new album. alot of folks say that I am wrong...people were dee-runk and partying last night bigtime. I just hung out upstairs and watched the swarms writhe.

I will probably end up going to the Shins show @ Commodore in a couple weeks. I wish they were playing the starfish room...oh wait, that doesnt exist anymore....sebadoh is coming too...curious.

thanks for becoming my friend on myspace....what do we do now? is there myspace pictionary tournaments? Poker? wino discussions? bird talk? myspace trivia matches?

Feb 4, 2007

prince and myspace, oh the glory

Prince was rad on the super bowl half-time deal. it must have been unbelievably uncomfortable to play in the torrential down-pour. those ladies in the high heels must have been afraid o slipping in the H2O.

now I am watching the quay brothers dvd compilation...

also, I just worked on my mysapce site for the first time in a year. Now i have 2 from misty, over a year ago, and now I have a brand new comment 1 year later from ole friend carmen! and i have 7 friends so far!


so be a friend on myspace to me. i really have no idea why one should be virtual internet space friends...I will put a bit more effort into the site....for now

I posted a video and a neat-o song by one of a few composers that I have been digging lately...and a few years ago...

Jan 31, 2007

the green man and current observations

photos by: Ryan, with my new camera

stewie is the neighbour's spectacled parrotlet. he is a wild man. doesnt bite as much as blueberry and likes to stay up late. he is not as snuggly as the blue, and he doesnt seem to like scratching or petting. 2 thumbs up for parrotlets. hooray?

currently listening to:
a nice mixed bag cd of ligeti, penderecki, and varese...and some new ryan songs....mooo ah ah ah

food o the week: soup! (i have been sick n tired all week)

current favorite inanimate (sp) object: my new "to go" mug. porcelin, not metal or plastic. tea is oh so delicious and oh so much more environmentally friendly in the morning on my way to workie-times.

nighty night

Jan 27, 2007

oh sweet this n that

mmmm... skeet n ikes organic popcorn

mmm...almost through the winter slump of year

mmm...recording with sparrow sectional ryan's space

Jan 21, 2007

to sleep!

I heart the salsbury scoot. this lady is not thinking "safety first" while riding her sweet machine.

those in favour of summer hurrying up say "aye"

new food interest: xuahacan cuisine. (check my spelling....) my neighbour just went down to mexico and raved about the food. I just ate at a xuahacan eatery in ballard (seattle) before the awkward stage show. so good.

my body is rocking an all-over-ache right now. I am fairly certian this is my body prepping for a sickness. the knees hurt, my shoulders are achey, the inner ears are tight, my hips ache, my soft palette seems lower than usual, even my scalp aches. wah.

currently reading. the master and margarita. mikhail bulgakov. it is fantastic and fantastical but oh boy it puts me to sleep after a chapter!

Jan 16, 2007

seattle ahoy 'n' more

seattle on thurs at the sunset tavern, apparently in ballard ... wanna come?

i saw 2 movies in 2 nights:
pan's labyrinth

both good and both quite graphic
cant let go of the holidays....must continue to post colourful light pictures...

curiousity o the week:
bio diesel!
recycled frickin vegetable oil that you can pump into your diesel gas tank!
It has got me thinking about cars...i have a volkswagon golf and man o man a diesel is in my future...gimme about 10 years to save up and buy a new car....wah

summer plan:
if the triumph is still not running, it gets sold.
either a nice vespa 150 sprint european import 1965 or earlier (10" wheels/trapezoid lamp) or some sort of interesting and not in too bad shape small motorcycle....say 250 or smaller...i like Italian!

k, i gotta watch some DEXTER now! check it out!

Jan 8, 2007


I tried 5 times to make this picture turn the right way around...failure

thats me at new year with my new transparent saxoflute

ryan is working on a solo record. It will feature me n him, mostly, and maybe a few drummers

it will definitely be out by summer, so there

a Limblifter song got picked up by MTV to be the theme song of a show called I'm from rolling stone, that's exciting

watch for it, i mean listen for it

Jan 4, 2007

2007, like a bullet

well, my current listening pleasures include:

television, marquee moon

peter bjorn & john, writer's block

beck, information (beck comes off awfully serious lately, you know what I mean?) I saw him on some live "in the round" (member when def leopard started that shit y'all?) show and his band was having fun and Beck seemed mildly miserable.

it is christmas on saturday for me n my ma n pa. they both turn 60 this year...isn't that terrific. Me n ma are possibly planning a trip to disneyland/knott's for her birthday. a little screaming on rides/ sunshine/ complete escapist therapy. member therapy? (the irish band)

way to go for 2007:
I began a very small recycling program/regime at my job. (baby steps/ anything counts (in small amounts)
I got cutlery for the job, so no more misc plastic once-in-awhile forks to throw away.

al gore just patted me on the back.

I will try to eat more brown rice and oatmeal. Cutting down on the cheese (AH SWEET GLORIOUS CHEESE), and the bread. i should have been born in France. I like cheese, bread, wine, the rolling countryside, take-it-easy-cafe and cobblestone cityscapes, and fashion. and i am thin.

props to izia (of jeff and izia) for sharing the most unique and delicious wine with me over the holidays. (serious bottle) izia is the best cook I know. I look up to her culinary prowess (and most would say that i am a good cook) (I dated a chef for 2 years a long time ago and ripped him off for everything he knows). we had a vegetarian feast:

Jan 1, 2007

new year new beta blogger or somethin

I switched my blogger account some new upgraded version....I guess

there were 2 different xmas type trees that were around me over the holidays. neither were my own, but both had little german style hanging candles....

I got a digital camera for xmas. sony cyber shot. hot.

current listening enjoyment:
r. crumb's heroes of blues jazz and country