Nov 27, 2006


It is a good thing I went to NYC cause otherwise I got no other photos. This is my breakfast at Tom's Diner. yes that's right, the diner from seinfeld...but only the facade, they actually shot the diner bits in a soundstage.

The dime is for actual size purposes: notice how tiny the butter portion and orange juice portions are...cute!
here is your new piano, I bought it for you....actually I suppose it is a harpsichord. oh how my heart longs for that amazing Metropolitan museum...if I was an olde rich lady who lived on park ave, I would have lunch everyday in the atrium.

Nov 21, 2006

viola da gamba 'n' friends

mmmm, delicious, a chest of viols.

rich people in baroque times would have a chest of these at their house and would get together with friends and family and jam.

dear santa, I would like a bass viola da gamba. it has 6 strings and frets and sounds sad.

go to see the sparrow sectional at the main, this saturday night around 11pm. we have been practising and I have unearthed my to cello once again. there is nice seating at the main, and the music will not be loud, but the pizza is good at the main

Nov 14, 2006

pumpkin monster?

okay okay,

photo credit is moneca.
this is her bad dog, broken branch, eating the pumpkin that she left in her living room one day. he dug right into it. greyhounds have long noses.

I hope you dont mind my posting pics o your dogs mononono.

christmas is coming, the goose is gettin fat.

please put that penny in that olde man's hat?

Nov 8, 2006

more new york memories and junk

eames splint!
one of those famous mobiles...
easter island monster (not me)
I wonder what the square footage of those museum joints are? I cannot explain the uber vastness of the met. I went to the natural history museum first and thought that was very large and contest...the met was unbelievable....all of the above photos are the nat hist mus, except for the Eames splint.

I played in brooklyn at a place called union hall. it was such a wicked club. unisex washroom, basement rock n roll club, upstairs library, fireplace and bocce courts...

Nov 3, 2006

I went to New York


I went to NYC

Bossanova weds night. Sparrow Thurs night.

Slew of lonely photos...sightseeing by myself. this was my 3rd or 4th time to the appleland, but I have never done any museum looking. 2 hours in the museum of natural history. 8 hours in the Met. Ya, thats right....8 freakin hours! that place is e-normous

1st set of pics par moi:

more to come but I am tired after staying up all night.