Oct 25, 2010

congrats mr dahle

ryan won producer o the year and engineer of the year at the wcmas in kelowna this weekend for his various contributions on irrational anthems, the manvils and HHH

go dahle

I enjoyed watching the grapes of wrath show on saturday night. what a band. so full of sound and singing and great guitar and bass playing.

drank some wine at quail's gate and saw some real live quails hanging on the lawn. those birds look and move like cartoons. they can't be real?

Oct 13, 2010

a bunch of goofys

I played a little music with melissa auf der maur at the fluevog shop. then ryan played a song he wrote with mr k-os at a k-os show.

the modern era allows us to relive these memories through digital photos, phone videos, and this online blog. ps, this is all brought to you through my new computer machine. wicked