May 25, 2008


hey, I went to the Breeders concert on Friday night at Richards! The best! Divine! It has been a long time since I drank beers and watched a fantastic pop band play fantastically! It was great. R.I.P. Richards soon.

bands that I would like to see this summer:

Of Montreal (I saw them last year and it makes me want to see them again)

The Wire (apparently they are playing a Calgary Festival?...)

My personal plan is to head to Europe land this Fall. I would like to tour with the Ryan Dahle and the Awkward Stage. Let's all see if this happens!!!! England, Spain, Germany....fer sure

ps. I am going away for 2 weeks to paint my cabin. yikes!

pps. I am supposed to say "HI " to my mom, whom apparently reads this blog, but never comments, and that Blueberry's new cage is the bomb.

ppps.the photo is by Gavin again. Photo-master!

May 20, 2008

scooters n such

I went to the Victoria Scooter Rally this weekend and I am still alive! My Vespa 100 Sport carried me safely to and from the great victoria-land. I went with Ryan, Gavin, Moneca, Greg, Rose Richard Felix, Deano + Jennifer, and added a bunch of new friends to the scooter clan as well.

My friend Gavin took some sweet photos that I will post over the next coupla days. Someday Gavin will be famous from his photos...just you wait!

Oh the sweet surf line motel...I miss you already.