Oct 31, 2009


Find more videos like this on R Y A N D A H L E


friendo, moneca made this one! let's make videos
imovie, here I come

Oct 29, 2009

chop chop what the?

so I guess this "youtube person" puts songs they (like?) to pre-existing anime.

a curious pastime. but it's fun to have a pretend-almost-video.

there should be some real videos soonie

Oct 20, 2009


I went to Mayne island for a while. My parents bought a cabin (that's my dad in the photo). It is so quiet and there are deers everywhere. a fine break from city life.

current favorites:
-negra modelo
-filippa k cardigans
-sea wall walking on non-tourist days

Oct 6, 2009

back from tour

home now...and sick...my mom is a nurse and she said that people are throwing h1n1 parties so that they can spread the flu and get it over with...wanna come over to my house?