Dec 18, 2006

what's this, what about this

I snooped anround myspace tonite....yawnsical.

but i did see this

and my friend sent me this
because he likes scrabble and I like scatagories. but i think that video prooves my hate of scrabble wait, hate is too strong a word. scrabble is just so slow and mentally dibilitating

i have not been posting much lately, have u noticed? I have a life that sometimes gets in the way of tinkering on a 'pute. only if it gets to be a bit later at night and a nice sip o scotch or something...then I type.

blogger is acting up....i need to switch to beta blog or something I guess. tell me your holiday stories.

good xmas thingies:
vitasoy nog (less sweet than the competitions)
I hate mandarin oranges (so there)
red wine and scotch (the wintertime drinks)
boots (my new pair of NYC trippens to be exact)
scarf (for warmth)
my new mono mittens (thanks heather)
xmas lights + vince guliardi (sp?)

dvd recommend:
blood tea and red string
the wire (HBO)
who killed the electric car

the kinks
the kinks

music that I want to start listening to again

dear santa peoples, all I want for xmas is:

Dec 11, 2006

eat this

oh ya, eat that.

Dec 4, 2006

weekend in a nut

well what a weekender

did anybody come to the Mint xmas parties?

Actually loads of peeps I know did. It was fun. the singer from Franz Ferdinand was at the Saturday show and he sang a song with the Evaporators. He then hung out all night, watched us play and then he told me after the show that he liked us. oh, my little brush with an "A" celeb.

something I discovered this weekend: my dad looks a little like Andy warhol. excluding the lack of skin pigment and wig. neat..

I play cello at a funeral on friday. I am a little stressed about it, as I havent played solo in a long time. and I take funerals seriously....i mean, the people at the funeral dont wanna hear some hack on the 'cello... then sparrow plays at richards on richards on saturday. so there.