Dec 18, 2006

what's this, what about this

I snooped anround myspace tonite....yawnsical.

but i did see this

and my friend sent me this
because he likes scrabble and I like scatagories. but i think that video prooves my hate of scrabble wait, hate is too strong a word. scrabble is just so slow and mentally dibilitating

i have not been posting much lately, have u noticed? I have a life that sometimes gets in the way of tinkering on a 'pute. only if it gets to be a bit later at night and a nice sip o scotch or something...then I type.

blogger is acting up....i need to switch to beta blog or something I guess. tell me your holiday stories.

good xmas thingies:
vitasoy nog (less sweet than the competitions)
I hate mandarin oranges (so there)
red wine and scotch (the wintertime drinks)
boots (my new pair of NYC trippens to be exact)
scarf (for warmth)
my new mono mittens (thanks heather)
xmas lights + vince guliardi (sp?)

dvd recommend:
blood tea and red string
the wire (HBO)
who killed the electric car

the kinks
the kinks

music that I want to start listening to again

dear santa peoples, all I want for xmas is:

Dec 11, 2006

eat this

oh ya, eat that.

Dec 4, 2006

weekend in a nut

well what a weekender

did anybody come to the Mint xmas parties?

Actually loads of peeps I know did. It was fun. the singer from Franz Ferdinand was at the Saturday show and he sang a song with the Evaporators. He then hung out all night, watched us play and then he told me after the show that he liked us. oh, my little brush with an "A" celeb.

something I discovered this weekend: my dad looks a little like Andy warhol. excluding the lack of skin pigment and wig. neat..

I play cello at a funeral on friday. I am a little stressed about it, as I havent played solo in a long time. and I take funerals seriously....i mean, the people at the funeral dont wanna hear some hack on the 'cello... then sparrow plays at richards on richards on saturday. so there.

Nov 27, 2006


It is a good thing I went to NYC cause otherwise I got no other photos. This is my breakfast at Tom's Diner. yes that's right, the diner from seinfeld...but only the facade, they actually shot the diner bits in a soundstage.

The dime is for actual size purposes: notice how tiny the butter portion and orange juice portions are...cute!
here is your new piano, I bought it for you....actually I suppose it is a harpsichord. oh how my heart longs for that amazing Metropolitan museum...if I was an olde rich lady who lived on park ave, I would have lunch everyday in the atrium.

Nov 21, 2006

viola da gamba 'n' friends

mmmm, delicious, a chest of viols.

rich people in baroque times would have a chest of these at their house and would get together with friends and family and jam.

dear santa, I would like a bass viola da gamba. it has 6 strings and frets and sounds sad.

go to see the sparrow sectional at the main, this saturday night around 11pm. we have been practising and I have unearthed my to cello once again. there is nice seating at the main, and the music will not be loud, but the pizza is good at the main

Nov 14, 2006

pumpkin monster?

okay okay,

photo credit is moneca.
this is her bad dog, broken branch, eating the pumpkin that she left in her living room one day. he dug right into it. greyhounds have long noses.

I hope you dont mind my posting pics o your dogs mononono.

christmas is coming, the goose is gettin fat.

please put that penny in that olde man's hat?

Nov 8, 2006

more new york memories and junk

eames splint!
one of those famous mobiles...
easter island monster (not me)
I wonder what the square footage of those museum joints are? I cannot explain the uber vastness of the met. I went to the natural history museum first and thought that was very large and contest...the met was unbelievable....all of the above photos are the nat hist mus, except for the Eames splint.

I played in brooklyn at a place called union hall. it was such a wicked club. unisex washroom, basement rock n roll club, upstairs library, fireplace and bocce courts...

Nov 3, 2006

I went to New York


I went to NYC

Bossanova weds night. Sparrow Thurs night.

Slew of lonely photos...sightseeing by myself. this was my 3rd or 4th time to the appleland, but I have never done any museum looking. 2 hours in the museum of natural history. 8 hours in the Met. Ya, thats right....8 freakin hours! that place is e-normous

1st set of pics par moi:

more to come but I am tired after staying up all night.

Oct 24, 2006

spookiness unleashed




Oct 17, 2006

the most lovely animal in the world

we went on the ghost train tonite. pics to come.

but in the meantime, my all-time favorite animal. a malaysian tapir. photo taken by my long time friend and ex-boss, Janet. (thanks) she was at the point defiance zoo.

big shock : they're endangered. what an amazing, gentle, vegetarian, kinda-panda-looking, kind of cow/pig ungulate. notice the fuzzy white tipped ears. truth be told, I have a minor collection of malaysian tapir paraphernalia...

when I was in singapore I went to the zoo. (everyone must go there at some point in their lives) the zoo, that is. singapore was equally lovely and kind. there was a brazilian or south american tapir at the singapore zoo....not nearly as fuzzy and panda-like. more brown and small and ardvarkian.

enjoy! (although I have yet to meet a fellow tapir admirer)

Oct 14, 2006

on being a bass player

my mind is bursting with bass lines. I am about to add some more musical globs into my mind.

so I was playing with pokiok falls and then heather moved to shanghai for a year, Shane Nelken played keyboards with us and he asked me to play bass in his band but I had already said yes to Fancey so I declined to Shane's band, the Awkward stage. I help peeps with Factor grants. I helped my friend Chris do a grant and then he asked me to play keyboards in bossanova. We went to Montreal in sept. I went to Boston with Fancey in sept and then we were planning to go to NYC but we cancelled. Bossanova was expecting me to be in NYC with fancey so a show was booked for CMJ. I am no longer going to NYC with Fancey so Bossanova has to fly me out to NYC in Nov. Jason Zumpano plays drums in Fancey and we went to boston together. Jason has his own band, sparrow, in which I used to play cello. Jason just called me and asked me to play bass for him at his CMJ show, so now my bossanova flight needs to be changed to compensate for me to play with Sparrow. Sparrow's showcase is now with Shane's band, the Awkward Stage, whom I originally declined to play with.....hmmmm....Carl Newman will be dj'ing the CMJ showcase (I played cello on his album). Oh ya and the Fancey CMJ was originally to play with Awkward stage and Sparrow....

So I suppose I should have said yes to the Akward Stage in the first place and then my NYC experience would seem good and stable?

my mind explodes. good thing I have a flexible schedule.

wino pick of the week: hawthorne mtn cab franc
tea of the week: murchies empress afternoon
cookie of the week: nature's path spicesnap
food of the week: baked potato
curious food additive of the week: the caper
band of the week: band of horses
clothing of the week: my new built by wendy yellow sweater
viewing pleasure of the week: Rome series (HBO)

Oct 8, 2006

Insert Poem Here

I wrote a poem in grade 12.
My teacher said it should be in the San Fransico MOMA.
I am not sure why he was so specific.
It was concrete poetry.
Rip it off.
A bowl with hard red soup and a spoon.
The letters were alphabet pasta.
I threw it away, I think?

Sep 27, 2006

misc blur

I went Boston this weekend. what a nice city. the red socks were playing across the street from the club we played. I got sick. Todd Fancey caught a mexican cold when the pornographers played mexico city. I figure I caught his mexican virus from rehearsing and plane-ing together.

I am really happy to be home to go to sleep for a bit.

these are pictures from montreal. I didnt bring the camera to boston.

Sep 22, 2006

so montreal seriously

list of complaints.
-digital camera memory card not working and new battery needed, but going to belle montreal this weekend sans camera. (not that I take many pics anyhoos) I went to the europe-land in '93 and took 13 photos! no notes, not really any idear of where I went (with the Vancouver Youth Orchestra) lightening beams are attacking me and my geekness.

- the "o" is not working very well on this 'pute. one must smash it. maybe blueberry pooped 'neath it.

- no liquids on the plane. I am totally "carrying on" (luggage, get it?) as I am travelling for 3 days. what about leaving the coast and my face falling off due to no moisture? what abut bad breath? (see how the "o didnt work?)I rode this machine this summer. most o the lady scooterists were looking up to me as I was on a big ole is not really a lady bike apparently. the triumph tigress has eaten and drained its own battery. will it ever run? will it ever not be a tinker-bike? I still have not ridden it.

my momo helmet came! I wore it last night on a cold evening ride. it is scarf-on-bike-weather. the momo is nice but a little snug to start. it is orange=love.

well, when I get home I will post some pics o my trip....oh I wont.

Boston next week...

Sep 16, 2006

benign distraction

look over there

we went to bodyworlds3 yesterday. so there.

marsha marsha marsha

Sep 4, 2006

shoulda won'er

shoulda coulda woulda won if I had an ounce o luck in me bones. instead this fucking gorgeous yellow scoot was won by a large man wearing a cowboy hat.

summer is over, fall is the best. My birthday present is still lost in the mail. My triumph runs but it is an angry monster that will not truly live until next spring, I suppose. A 4 year project bike...

I am going to Montreal to play with bossanova this month and then Boston for nemo with Fancey.

I am selling my drum kit is a 20" red marbley 60's pearl (sans badges) kit. bass, floor, rack and matching, but not functional snare. anybody have a basement where they can mess around on a kit...good times.

Aug 28, 2006

these are a few of my favorite things(ish)

I still feel mildly whimpy when on the 2 wheeler. Death lurks at every intersection...If only I had my bright orange MOMO to be more visible (still hasnt come in the mail). The vancouver scooter rally is next weekend...yipee and gong show. last year I think there was 100 bikes or so. My triumph is coming along nice. the engine is in, the cables are hooked, tyres are on, exhaust is hooked. now the crazy electrical (Lucas...aka the prince of darkness) system must be wired and the front end and floor boards must go on. the bike may be ready for the weekend. I might be a bit of a whimp on it as the brake is on a different side (left) and the gears change with my right toe.

I like beer at spinakers gastronomy (sp?) pub. I ran the tasters when there. I was not riding the day I hit the pub.

say farewell to august.

Aug 21, 2006

if you missed the first one...

so Bossanova plays again. Aug 24th at Richards on Richards. we open for Memphis (spme stars peeps) + Castle Project (best video makers in the 'couv/I played some cello on their album). good bill.

My olde housemate Patrick Brealey will be playing keyboards along with myself. Chris Storrow on leads, mike boegh on bass, kurt dahle on drum trap.

so there,

how do you like them apples?

Aug 18, 2006

peaked twins

helmet is being shipped back to me. helmet shipper is charging canada post. hooray. a week or two too late for my birthday but hopefully before the end of the sunshine two-wheeling weather.

I watched the twin peaks pilot episode last night. agent cooper! he is the best! log lady! eye patch lady. big ed. constant moody synth music coupled with drum snare shuffles. Revisit!

ps. my triumph engine will be ready to put back into my bike this weekend. will the good news ever end.

Aug 14, 2006

lost in the mail

this is my birthday present. The postman showed up at my door on a Sunday. I missed the door and he walked away with the box. It has been a week and nothing has showed up at my door since. He didn't even leave a ticket to pickup at an outlet. I have phoned all my local post offices as well as Canada Post main office and they said that my missing helmet situation is "concerning".

I did however, otherwise have a lovely birthday involving, canoeing, hiking, eating, croquet, scootering and partying with greyhounds.

Aug 7, 2006

My! Birthday! So! There!

It is my birthday all week.

Aug 1, 2006

complete life

mini house mini car mini camper

Jul 26, 2006

acetone, moog opus 3, arp odyssey, and a tiny stage

seriously folks, Bossanova.

unfortunately, the arp odyssey may not be making an is just a little too complicated to get the right sound on the fly....but here is a picture...

Jul 20, 2006

I will smell all of you later

smell 'ya l8ter.

takin off this weekend with my "pack" of friends who never really read my blog...other than mononononnonononnononnonononnonononononnononononoecececececccccccca.

Bossanova show on friday july 28th at railway club, we may headline or play 2nd to last.

Jul 17, 2006

Jul 16, 2006

Jul 14, 2006