Jul 29, 2007


hi and my birthday is drawing closer and closer.


a vacation, I would like to go to:

1. iceland
2. new zealand
3. england/scotland/ireland

all 'lands btw...

why not canadaland, or americaland back in the day when the countries were named ?

Jul 24, 2007

cloud invasion

there was this gigantic cloud around a week or 2 ago and it looked like a space ship (independence-day-style, the movie).

photo by neighbour gavin.

so there.

Jul 19, 2007


I went to amerivespa....north america's largest scooter rally. I won a ribbon for runner up to best original condition smallframe. this is gretta, (I think that was her name) she is a very well behaved pet who posed on my scoot. photo by my friend gavin. this picture was taken on vashon island just outside seattle. what a fantastic city!