Sep 27, 2006

misc blur

I went Boston this weekend. what a nice city. the red socks were playing across the street from the club we played. I got sick. Todd Fancey caught a mexican cold when the pornographers played mexico city. I figure I caught his mexican virus from rehearsing and plane-ing together.

I am really happy to be home to go to sleep for a bit.

these are pictures from montreal. I didnt bring the camera to boston.

Sep 22, 2006

so montreal seriously

list of complaints.
-digital camera memory card not working and new battery needed, but going to belle montreal this weekend sans camera. (not that I take many pics anyhoos) I went to the europe-land in '93 and took 13 photos! no notes, not really any idear of where I went (with the Vancouver Youth Orchestra) lightening beams are attacking me and my geekness.

- the "o" is not working very well on this 'pute. one must smash it. maybe blueberry pooped 'neath it.

- no liquids on the plane. I am totally "carrying on" (luggage, get it?) as I am travelling for 3 days. what about leaving the coast and my face falling off due to no moisture? what abut bad breath? (see how the "o didnt work?)I rode this machine this summer. most o the lady scooterists were looking up to me as I was on a big ole is not really a lady bike apparently. the triumph tigress has eaten and drained its own battery. will it ever run? will it ever not be a tinker-bike? I still have not ridden it.

my momo helmet came! I wore it last night on a cold evening ride. it is scarf-on-bike-weather. the momo is nice but a little snug to start. it is orange=love.

well, when I get home I will post some pics o my trip....oh I wont.

Boston next week...

Sep 16, 2006

benign distraction

look over there

we went to bodyworlds3 yesterday. so there.

marsha marsha marsha

Sep 4, 2006

shoulda won'er

shoulda coulda woulda won if I had an ounce o luck in me bones. instead this fucking gorgeous yellow scoot was won by a large man wearing a cowboy hat.

summer is over, fall is the best. My birthday present is still lost in the mail. My triumph runs but it is an angry monster that will not truly live until next spring, I suppose. A 4 year project bike...

I am going to Montreal to play with bossanova this month and then Boston for nemo with Fancey.

I am selling my drum kit is a 20" red marbley 60's pearl (sans badges) kit. bass, floor, rack and matching, but not functional snare. anybody have a basement where they can mess around on a kit...good times.