Mar 26, 2007

chupacabra attacks

this guy is chupacabra number 1. he lives in bushes an eats goats.
we played the light bar. I discovered queso sauce. I was surprised and mildly impressed by lone star beer
I wore a monoclothing dress in the hot weather. heather is debuting her spring line at the block fashion show on thurs.

attics and cellars play sat nite @ backstage lounge.

Mar 19, 2007

home from SxSW

okay so I went to texas, Austin that is...with the Awkward Stage

here is my first installment of photos of shows that I saw. Most of these pictures are pretty bad as I cannot seem to take a photo without my hands jiggling.
thats me enjoying the 26 degree sun while watching the Melvins. they were really good, I like the Melvins alot, they played alot of old songs that I knew.
here is my blurry photo of small sins playing. you can see brent's head just barely. I ran into Pat Steward on the street on his way to small sins, so I went with him.
here is a terrible photo of daniel johnston. what an amazing treat and rare experience to see him in person. He told some very inappropriate jokes and then played around 6 songs that were completely amazing in their sincerity. I liked the Lucifer song the best. his arms and hands shook so throughout the entire set.and finally a not so bad photo of peter bjorn and john. they played a creepy televised show, but at least the show was big so I could easily get in. I love this record. Bjorn is my favorite. i am going to see them at the Commodore in April.

more to come. but those were all the shows that I went to, except for aqualung (whom I had never heard of, but they were pretty good). I ate my first corn dog at the aqualung show.

Mar 11, 2007


I like cheese.

I get alot of headaches and sometimes I panic that some doctor is ging to say to me: " lady, you feel like shit cause you should not eat cheese and bread".

dont get me wrong. I eat salad and frozen blueberries and fish and oatmeal and green tea (and bread and wine and cheese)

today I learned about dust mites and that their poop causes people to sneeze in bed. now i am paranoid about not having a clean bed (not a bad thing to be paranoid of but, a bit o a pain to really keep up with) I sneeze in bed all the time....

TODAY I INSURED MY TRIUMPH TIGRESS! I OWN IT AND IT EXISTS LEGIT. THIS IS A HUGE MOMENT. I have owned this bike for 5 years and, as of a few days ago, it is running well with it's fully rebuilt engine. I still have not gone for a ride on it myself...ha ha ha....soon. I must respect the powerful and beautiful machine that is much bigger than me.

a picture to come...

we open for the zombies tomorow night!!! 7:30 @richards

sxsw on weds....yikes!

Mar 4, 2007

down to the wire

I had football head today. I could never really quite wake up. Is everyone excited about hay fever season? I went to a Party tonight and I was all allergic-y today and the house party had cats and that made my eyes swell up and turn red and then I had a nose bleed. I need to live in a there.

sxsw looms on the horizon, but in the meantime (member helmet?) we play at richards next sunday opening for the zombies (whats your name, whos your daddy la la la) they have requested to use my bass amp. I find that weird. did I tell you about my favorite and newest amp? my '76 ampeg b15n...aka the portaflex. xo

is anyone else itchy from the blossoms? My tigress went away with dear richard our master mechanic friend. purrrrhaps the tigress will run this summer after all! what an amazing looking and terribly engineered machine.

off to bed

current food: smoothie (banana, soymilk, orange, frzn blueberry)

current music: deerhoof (6/10) and billy nichols 10/10 (we are going to play a cover "london social degree")