Feb 27, 2008


I went to Disneyland for the weekend with my mom for her birthday. what an exhausting place. Ryan's album is done. Artwork time now!

Feb 16, 2008

best bird ever

hours of photographic entertainment. what would I do without my sidekick? Sometimes Blueberry can look so mean and overweight...but she's not...not really

Feb 7, 2008

sweet xmas memories although it is February

so one night, me and my friends went on the Christmas Train (I think I blogged about the night already). We came home and my neighbour Gavin showed me the miracles of the Macro button on my digital camera whilst taking photos of Christmas-styled assorted candle holders. Perhaps this isn't the most close-up or creative of my camera endeavors from the night, but a monster did happen to appear in this shot. Some sort of large, land living octopus thing overtook the small town of Bigtree By the Glen that evening.