Nov 26, 2009

Bloedel Conservatory

I love the Bloedel Conservatory--it is full of parrots, birds, and plants. The pacing is very slow. I guess modern society cannot handle a slow pace anymore and therefore it is being shut down. What will happen to all the exotic plants--will they just be left to rot? Can I adopt Rosie the african grey? Apparently the petting zoo / farm in Stanley Park by the mini train is being shut down as well.

this is the first petition I have ever signed:

feel free to join me...

Nov 14, 2009

artfully blindsided

double whammy of amazing art this weekend.

1. I got a wicked 1st edition vinyl copy of XTC's Black Sea. It blows my mind. It is perfect pop, perfect performance (pre computers), perfect lyrics. perfect energy--

2. I saw Matthew Barney's cremaster 3 film last night. my petty and simple mind was blown. infact, my brain plopped out of my ear and ran out my nose whilst watching this 3 hour epic (1 in a series of 5 btw). I am no longer capable of forming cohesive thoughts. I wont recommend it--I think anyone in their right mind wouldn't. but I am hooked--I want to learn more about matthew barney--the guy has long term vision.