Apr 30, 2007

clean machine

photo by ryan. with my camera.

Apr 26, 2007


thats me, the little speck o a person. thats some cool beach in west van. what a life.

I am thinking about going dormant for awhile...blog-style. maybe until music starts happening again....

Apr 22, 2007

domaine de chaberton

we went to domaine de chaberton for ladies style luncheon. actually, it was a very belated birthday gift for jennifer. It was sunny and I had crepes...one of my favorite food groups. we drank some baccus wino from domaine de chaberton. My shirt was the same colour as the wall.

I recommend a lunch out there in south langley land.

Apr 12, 2007


I miss the food and weather of austin. and the cab drivers.

Apr 9, 2007


kim lara and me

Apr 7, 2007

a viewmaster!

my friend/neighbour gavin took rad photos of me the day I rode my triumph for the first time-o.

he took loads of other great shots but I thought I would start with this one because:

a) action shot!
b) surreal! it looks 3-d viewmaster style of photo. the front tyre almost looks as if it is floating.

I havent ridden the bike since this photo as I have had zero time, now I have a cold, and there is a new electrical problem with it! hooray!

attics and cellars @ the Main tonight

Apr 3, 2007

triumph tigress triumph

it runs!

it is alive!

I rode it for the first time in 5 years of ownership.

so cool.

I forgot my camera.