Dec 21, 2010


Happy Holidays

Dec 12, 2010

Dec 5, 2010

Nov 18, 2010

the environment

watching a david suzuki show..."nature of things" I believe.

Mr Suzuki made a good observation, that people aren't naturally motivated by the environment, rather they incorporate their environmentalism through other logical choices and motivations...think about it

it happened to me today, check out a logical equation:

I got a visa bill in the mail + I hate opening mail and recycling and shredding and worrying about security = I phoned Visa to cancel paper bills

the sad outcome:
TD Canada Trust / Visa said "they cannot support a paperless billing service yet"

think about that

Nov 1, 2010

fright night

I think I hit my stride this year in the pumpkin carving dept. Peel the skin off and write words into the translucent rocky flesh...

Oct 25, 2010

congrats mr dahle

ryan won producer o the year and engineer of the year at the wcmas in kelowna this weekend for his various contributions on irrational anthems, the manvils and HHH

go dahle

I enjoyed watching the grapes of wrath show on saturday night. what a band. so full of sound and singing and great guitar and bass playing.

drank some wine at quail's gate and saw some real live quails hanging on the lawn. those birds look and move like cartoons. they can't be real?

Oct 13, 2010

a bunch of goofys

I played a little music with melissa auf der maur at the fluevog shop. then ryan played a song he wrote with mr k-os at a k-os show.

the modern era allows us to relive these memories through digital photos, phone videos, and this online blog. ps, this is all brought to you through my new computer machine. wicked

Sep 29, 2010

Sep 23, 2010

auf der maur and pokiok falls

those are some mouthful band names.

the pokiok falls plays the cascade lounge for supper half hour at 7:30pm this sunday night sept 26th.

MAdM debuts her OOOM movie in Vancouver at the Cinematheque on tuesday night. I am playing a little cello for her earlier in the day at a secret location.

Sep 16, 2010

Sep 12, 2010

summer in a nutshell

1. appendix out. who needs that thing anyways?
2. cabin run was good and relaxing
3. I hate the city, the country life is where it is at
4. I received my aluminum christmas tree in the mail. now xmas will be better
5. it has started to rain again, I guess summer is over
6. everyone is having babies
7. I need a new computer
8. I want to sell my car and live car free
9. my 1966 suzuki hustler is freaking amazing to ride and looks great too. thanks to richard for tuning it

this photo is summer in a nutshell except I didnt eat the burgers, I ate cheese quesadillas instead...thanks mr booth for the photo

Jul 6, 2010

brain drain

I went to the melvins last night. It was my 6th melvins' show. They never disappoint. I saw them once at SxSW in a big dusty outdoor bbq pit for free...beat that.

Jun 13, 2010


oh the falafel plate at nuba. so delicious...

photo by gavin de west whom also ate a falafel plate. correct usage of whom?

May 29, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things...fading... by field and sea...

riding 2 wheeled motorized machines is fun...but a limited life-time warranty.

beers in the sun in victoria is the best time ever...the stonehouse, spinakers, the canoe club.

It didn't rain on us and I got to see my favorite friends mononononeca and gregory, deano and JTP, RRF, dayn and julie, georgie boy.

now they all abandoned me back to their far away homes.

May 13, 2010

end of an era

there's been some extreme changes in gastown recently...namely woodward's.

apparently Met Home is about to move out of the neighbourhood too....sad day...what a beautiful store filled with beautiful mid century modern furniture to browse on a lunch break.

May 6, 2010


nice work mononononeca! this video is nicely paced and I really enjoy the subject matter. agreed? anybody else want that popcorn maker?

Find more videos like this on R Y A N D A H L E

May 4, 2010

let the good times roll

oh summer time and fires!
is this a haiku?
I am not following rules...

Apr 22, 2010

trip times

I went is a photo of a snail in la conner and a picture of deception pass there

Apr 11, 2010

Attics and Cellars at the Western Front

Attics and Cellars plays the Western Front Saturday April 17th.
9-12pm. all ages, but there is beer and wine. we will be playing our first show with Kate on the double bass! Buy a birthday drink for Ryan...

Mar 22, 2010

i shot a gun

hello everyone,

today I went to the set of "Fringe". It is a television show that my friend 'zano works on as a props person. they were filming in the park by my house so I strolled over to view some filming.

There was a burnt guy--really really burnt--he was smoking all over with fake smoke. he looked like a nice steak.

I got to shoot a fake gun...I think it was a "glock"---the kind that snaps back at your hand. I only shot air pressure but it was cool. I also held a rubber gun that seemed to be made out of some kind of nerf material.

I saw "olivia" shoot a real gun. She is very attractive in person.

I had a kit kat from catering and a nice cup of tea from craft services. Life has pockets of goodness.

Mar 10, 2010

fashion hiking

pictures from my petite trip to mayne island with the folks. I realized whilst climbing a mountain that I had pretty nice clothes on for a a filippa K sweater, trippen boots, nudie jeans, and a handmade toque by mononeca. ah well, these things have to be worn, and boy oh boy do I have a soft spot for hikes, euro-clothes and nice views.

Feb 15, 2010

a good weekend

I skipped town for the weekend.

Here is a highlight, the crow and gate Pub. yes, that is an open fire place behind me.

Don't forget to come to the show on Wednesday

Jan 24, 2010

Jan 22, 2010


hi again,

Ryan Dahle plays the olympic Celebration site on feb 17th---it's coming up!

the olympics start apparently on the 12th of Feb...I have no idea how it will affect my life? I currently walk to work, will I never be able to drive anywhere? restaurants are doing a mandatory 18% tip included on meals...a friend of mine is stocking up at costco so she doesnt have to buy food during the 'lympics...maybe we should all treat it like Y2K. speaking of Y2K, did you know that I played a show at the Anza club on Y2K with my old band, the Salteens, and the new pornographers opened for us!!! I guess they won that fame game...

how 'bout this weather? it'll go one of 2 ways: tourists will think that this is the most amazing and warm and beautiful city and real estate prices and taxes and food and parking will go up more and I will officially move out of this expensive town once and for all. OR, the warm weather will reek havoc on the wintery sports and vancouver will fail...but even if the weather fucks with the games, i guess the vancouver tax payers will just be fronting the bills to come for "snow creation".

so that sounded pretty negative--I am not against the Olympics, i just think this city is a bit of a farce on the "world stage" as we've got some deeper social issues to manage before bragging.

1. You wanna play the world-stage game? wouldnt it be great for vancouver to have a pedestrian bridge over false creek? No more experimental bike lanes cutting into traffic. Think of vancouver more as London or salsburg, with their quiet pedestrian bridges crossing their famous rivers. it would increase tourism, cut down traffic.

2. free transit in the city limits. Wanna play against portalnd, Vancouver? Go free internet and free transit. Wanna go green for real Vancouver? how about free transit.

3. HST. Oh good one BC! make everything more expensive! Kick the people while they are down...reduce GST to make canadians vote conservative but then create a new tax that will cost even more! Groceries and books should have more tax on them afterall! kids shouldnt get books and clothing at a reduced rate compared to an adult! hooray for progression!

hey, topic change: paralympics. what are the qualifications to be a paralympian? discuss.

I have been discussing with my Attic and Cellars friends about finding some tix to the paralympic events. i think it would be interesting as I have little knowledge about these less glamorized sports.

I will be attending some Cultural Olympiad events including:

Kronos Quartet with Inuit Throat singing:

Anthony Braxton at Christ Church:

so there!

Jan 4, 2010


HNY to the people. is it a HNY?

- I am starting clarinet lessons in one week (for myself)
- I am going to have more fun
- I am going to do what I want as my top priority
- smart financial decisions!
- I will learn how to make a souffle and other extreme gourmet delights with my Larousse Gastrinomique
- I will buy an aluminium Christmas tree. Most likely a pom-pom
- I will make more stews...preferably vegetarian if possible

how's that for some vacuous resolutions?