Mar 22, 2010

i shot a gun

hello everyone,

today I went to the set of "Fringe". It is a television show that my friend 'zano works on as a props person. they were filming in the park by my house so I strolled over to view some filming.

There was a burnt guy--really really burnt--he was smoking all over with fake smoke. he looked like a nice steak.

I got to shoot a fake gun...I think it was a "glock"---the kind that snaps back at your hand. I only shot air pressure but it was cool. I also held a rubber gun that seemed to be made out of some kind of nerf material.

I saw "olivia" shoot a real gun. She is very attractive in person.

I had a kit kat from catering and a nice cup of tea from craft services. Life has pockets of goodness.

Mar 10, 2010

fashion hiking

pictures from my petite trip to mayne island with the folks. I realized whilst climbing a mountain that I had pretty nice clothes on for a a filippa K sweater, trippen boots, nudie jeans, and a handmade toque by mononeca. ah well, these things have to be worn, and boy oh boy do I have a soft spot for hikes, euro-clothes and nice views.