Aug 28, 2007

omg video

there is video upload on blogger now??! I gotta try it!

look at the mini/baby vans that I bought for a present! so mini! They are on my laptop to show scale (although what size is my laptop...?)

that's me in the studio...the album is coming makes me is goodie.

Aug 21, 2007

whoot whoot

I'm back!

I didn't go anywhere, actually. But I didn't feel like blog-a-cizing.

Birthday was good. played a really long game of croquet. ate crepes at crepes suzette in park royal mall. yumsical.

played cello for a wedding on sunday. went well. I am getting better. cello is so much easier than the double bass to play and make dependable pretty sounds.

I will be touring with Fancey, opening for the new pornographers in september. US west coast dealio.

blueberry is well, incase you were wondering.

new favorite thing: my striped APC dress