Sep 29, 2010

Sep 23, 2010

auf der maur and pokiok falls

those are some mouthful band names.

the pokiok falls plays the cascade lounge for supper half hour at 7:30pm this sunday night sept 26th.

MAdM debuts her OOOM movie in Vancouver at the Cinematheque on tuesday night. I am playing a little cello for her earlier in the day at a secret location.

Sep 16, 2010

Sep 12, 2010

summer in a nutshell

1. appendix out. who needs that thing anyways?
2. cabin run was good and relaxing
3. I hate the city, the country life is where it is at
4. I received my aluminum christmas tree in the mail. now xmas will be better
5. it has started to rain again, I guess summer is over
6. everyone is having babies
7. I need a new computer
8. I want to sell my car and live car free
9. my 1966 suzuki hustler is freaking amazing to ride and looks great too. thanks to richard for tuning it

this photo is summer in a nutshell except I didnt eat the burgers, I ate cheese quesadillas instead...thanks mr booth for the photo