Dec 20, 2007

Subtle changes peeps

can u see the o so subtle changes to my template o my blog?

Peter! I need your help with further changes!

I tried to change the picture to the right and I found out that it has been sooooo long since I logged in to Flickr, that my old account is there to look at, but my login info is invalid...booooo. Forever looking and not changing!

Mini pizzas with my friends and their angelic little girls tonight and then off to the Christmas Train!!! I love the mini train in Stanley Park! my neighbour is the head engineer!

Spooky Ghost train is better than Christmas train, however, wouldnt you agree?....we missed it this year what with the strike n all. Does anyone (other than my generally non commenting close friends) live in vancouver or are the majority o comment people from all over the Canada/world? Does anyone else feel a Stanley park mini train love?

Dec 18, 2007

check this out, if u can.... If Nader wrecked the election and fucked us all over for years to come....then aren't we the dummies for voting for him? Ain't his fault. The fuckin turncoat that Michael Moore turns out to be in this docu is pretty alarming.

mmmmm...non fiction.

Dec 15, 2007

Christmas Bleed

hello friends,

let the christmas bleeding of money commence! Actually, I think I am officially all bought up for this year as far as gifts go...ouch, and hooray.

yearly cookie making party to follow.

Christmas party for work was last Wednesday. We went to Soma....know the place? we drank a little too much wine-o.

Christmas party tonight, our friends have a 8 year old who is going to entertain us with carols on the piano.

Inbetween these events and my work....the 12 song album continues towards completion...we shall see if it makes it to 12 or 11.....or 10....ah! to be done!

Dec 9, 2007

can we please hurry up

and get past the shortest day of the year already. Let's all get together and plunge out of darkness!

agreed then?