Jun 17, 2008

robin parents

there is a robin family at the cabin. 2 babies. so much for screening in the porch...next time!

Jun 6, 2008


so I am in Saskatchewan, today I paint the cabin. My brain is so relaxed from doing manual labour....no customer interactions, no phone calls, no music, just bad radio stations whilst labouring.

Album questions. I truly beleive the album will be released in August or September. It is ready to go.

Awkward Stage and Attics and Cellars are playing a show...I believe it is Friday, June 13th at the Biltmore (but I may have those facts off a little bit). I was going to play with both bands (double duty!) but I will be away...so go and support, but I won't see you there.

oh, I hope the paint goes well...

ciao fer