Jan 31, 2007

the green man and current observations

photos by: Ryan, with my new camera

stewie is the neighbour's spectacled parrotlet. he is a wild man. doesnt bite as much as blueberry and likes to stay up late. he is not as snuggly as the blue, and he doesnt seem to like scratching or petting. 2 thumbs up for parrotlets. hooray?

currently listening to:
a nice mixed bag cd of ligeti, penderecki, and varese...and some new ryan songs....mooo ah ah ah

food o the week: soup! (i have been sick n tired all week)

current favorite inanimate (sp) object: my new "to go" mug. porcelin, not metal or plastic. tea is oh so delicious and oh so much more environmentally friendly in the morning on my way to workie-times.

nighty night

Jan 27, 2007

oh sweet this n that

mmmm... skeet n ikes organic popcorn

mmm...almost through the winter slump of year

mmm...recording with sparrow sectional soon....at ryan's space

Jan 21, 2007

to sleep!

I heart the salsbury scoot. this lady is not thinking "safety first" while riding her sweet machine.

those in favour of summer hurrying up say "aye"

new food interest: xuahacan cuisine. (check my spelling....) my neighbour just went down to mexico and raved about the food. I just ate at a xuahacan eatery in ballard (seattle) before the awkward stage show. so good.

my body is rocking an all-over-ache right now. I am fairly certian this is my body prepping for a sickness. the knees hurt, my shoulders are achey, the inner ears are tight, my hips ache, my soft palette seems lower than usual, even my scalp aches. wah.

currently reading. the master and margarita. mikhail bulgakov. it is fantastic and fantastical but oh boy it puts me to sleep after a chapter!

Jan 16, 2007

seattle ahoy 'n' more

seattle on thurs at the sunset tavern, apparently in ballard ... wanna come?

i saw 2 movies in 2 nights:
pan's labyrinth

both good and both quite graphic
cant let go of the holidays....must continue to post colourful light pictures...

curiousity o the week:
bio diesel!
recycled frickin vegetable oil that you can pump into your diesel gas tank!
It has got me thinking about cars...i have a volkswagon golf and man o man a diesel is in my future...gimme about 10 years to save up and buy a new car....wah

summer plan:
if the triumph is still not running, it gets sold.
either a nice vespa 150 sprint european import 1965 or earlier (10" wheels/trapezoid lamp) or some sort of interesting and not in too bad shape small motorcycle....say 250 or smaller...i like Italian!

k, i gotta watch some DEXTER now! check it out!

Jan 8, 2007


I tried 5 times to make this picture turn the right way around...failure

thats me at new year with my new transparent saxoflute

ryan is working on a solo record. It will feature me n him, mostly, and maybe a few drummers

it will definitely be out by summer, so there

a Limblifter song got picked up by MTV to be the theme song of a show called I'm from rolling stone, that's exciting

watch for it, i mean listen for it

Jan 4, 2007

2007, like a bullet

well, my current listening pleasures include:

television, marquee moon

peter bjorn & john, writer's block

beck, information (beck comes off awfully serious lately, you know what I mean?) I saw him on some live "in the round" (member when def leopard started that shit y'all?) show and his band was having fun and Beck seemed mildly miserable.

it is christmas on saturday for me n my ma n pa. they both turn 60 this year...isn't that terrific. Me n ma are possibly planning a trip to disneyland/knott's for her birthday. a little screaming on rides/ sunshine/ complete escapist therapy. member therapy? (the irish band)

way to go for 2007:
I began a very small recycling program/regime at my job. (baby steps/ anything counts (in small amounts)
I got cutlery for the job, so no more misc plastic once-in-awhile forks to throw away.

al gore just patted me on the back.

I will try to eat more brown rice and oatmeal. Cutting down on the cheese (AH SWEET GLORIOUS CHEESE), and the bread. i should have been born in France. I like cheese, bread, wine, the rolling countryside, take-it-easy-cafe and cobblestone cityscapes, and fashion. and i am thin.

props to izia (of jeff and izia) for sharing the most unique and delicious wine with me over the holidays. (serious bottle) izia is the best cook I know. I look up to her culinary prowess (and most would say that i am a good cook) (I dated a chef for 2 years a long time ago and ripped him off for everything he knows). we had a vegetarian feast:

Jan 1, 2007

new year new beta blogger or somethin

I switched my blogger account finally...to some new upgraded version....I guess

there were 2 different xmas type trees that were around me over the holidays. neither were my own, but both had little german style hanging candles....

I got a digital camera for xmas. sony cyber shot. hot.

current listening enjoyment:
r. crumb's heroes of blues jazz and country