Jan 30, 2009


Ryan is going to play with us!

Jan 24, 2009

credited plagiarism

hello everybody.

welcome to 2009, but I am sure your have heard that already. lots of exciting changes + serious dramas all over the world.

for me personally--nothing to report.

Below, please find a comment from friend Misty of blog-world-etc posted as a comment on my last entry:

Hey, for all the local Vancouverites - anyone who's up for a little Tank Hog activity, email or facebook message or call or whatever the new radio station the Peak and demand that they play some Limblifter. I haven't heard any yet, and I keep asking but they'd rather play Jack Johnson or whatever. Anyway, ask for some LL, cuz we want them good and warmed up and trained for if and when Ryan's album comes out.
Misty | 01.23.09 - 4:50 am | #

Jan 8, 2009


In summation: