Feb 25, 2007

I really do not have much to say...

apparently this is a vincent scooter. does that mean the real vincent? I would like a vincent motorcycle but that is something that will most likely remain unattainable for the rest of my life.

good news is that my triumph will most likely run this spring. my main man richard, who rebuilt my engine and fixed my mystery gear problem is taking the tigress to his house for awhile to tinker away and make it run. I used to like the idea of tinkering and fixing machines but I recently completely lost interest and just want to ride cool, rare, ridiculous machines. so there.

I am off to texas in a couple weeks....I really dont feel like getting on a plane...is that bad? I hope the weather is warm as fuck. just 3 nights for sxsw, then home to enjoy daylight savings, upcoming peterbjorn and john show, and victoria rally, and more songs with ryan.

Feb 19, 2007

the mum

happy 60th birthday Bronwyn...

aka my mom.

she got kicked in the leg at work by a patient at the hospital and refractured her leg in the same spot she broke it when she was a teenager 2 weeks ago. a few days later she got the puking style flu. and a few days after that she got a massive head cold....now its her birthday tomorrow and we canceled birthday plans cause she is sooo sick.

poor bronwyn on her 60th...

Feb 13, 2007


dear so and so,

all I want for valentinian day are some parrot tulips and orchids. oh wait, I already got some today at work! Also, I know Bluberry would like something to chew on....like misc pieces of leather. Oh wait, she already got some delicious chewable pieces of leather in drab taupe colours that she cannot keep her beak from destroying.

Dear mr valentiney,

I know my friend greg would like a p200 just like mine, so that he can go for summertime rides with me 'n' mononeca....oh wait, he just bought one that is pristine.

well, if you were a god,

I would like the warm weather to gradually increase with a guaruntee of no more cold spells. I would then start riding my wicked ugly/bastardized bike to work and occasionally have an asthma attack coming up that big hill.


ps. come eat nachos/stout beer and see sparrow sectional....soon to be renamed attics and cellars, at the main on saturday nite...yum

Feb 9, 2007

poured chrogressions

the little guy right in the middle that is looking right into the camera reminds me my ole pal mr splitz (RIP).

I went to this strange pet store where alll the birds were in open air bin style cages so you could just reach in and handle the birds...must be traumatic on the little feathered animals

I went to OF MONTREAL last night. I dig the new album. alot of folks say that I am wrong...people were dee-runk and partying last night bigtime. I just hung out upstairs and watched the swarms writhe.

I will probably end up going to the Shins show @ Commodore in a couple weeks. I wish they were playing the starfish room...oh wait, that doesnt exist anymore....sebadoh is coming too...curious.

thanks for becoming my friend on myspace....what do we do now? is there myspace pictionary tournaments? Poker? wino discussions? bird talk? myspace trivia matches?

Feb 4, 2007

prince and myspace, oh the glory

Prince was rad on the super bowl half-time deal. it must have been unbelievably uncomfortable to play in the torrential down-pour. those ladies in the high heels must have been afraid o slipping in the H2O.

now I am watching the quay brothers dvd compilation...

also, I just worked on my mysapce site for the first time in a year. Now i have 2 comments...one from misty, over a year ago, and now I have a brand new comment 1 year later from ole friend carmen! and i have 7 friends so far!


so be a friend on myspace to me. i really have no idea why one should be virtual internet space friends...I will put a bit more effort into the site....for now

I posted a video and a neat-o song by one of a few composers that I have been digging lately...and a few years ago...