Nov 25, 2007

attics and cellars

some people think that our little string band is called "addicts and sellers". It's not, it's Attics and Cellars like a house. We have a new addition to the band, a bassoon player named Arland and he has a beard.

We opened for Jose Gonzalez last night at Richards. wow, people pack out a show for that man! it was nice to play a big audience show, they seemed to like it. He is Swedish, did you know?

Nov 17, 2007

check these wild words out

when i was a kid, i wrote an essay about disneyland for grade 1 or 2....I suppose essay is a bit of a strong word for a early grade paper. my family and I went to disneyland for christmas break. i was learning how to read n write real-good-like and I used the word "het" instead of "had" throughout the entire essay. ex: "my sister and mom and dad het to ride the bus to tijuana from san diego". i wrote the paper in my grandpa's basement on a pad of lined, legal size (8/12 x 14) paper.

welp, Ryan is too busy to speak, so I will have to bore y'all with my own words.

I also remember writing a paper about the sinking of the titanic in grade 1 or 2 as I was quite taken with that old black and white film about the o man, what was that movie called? "a sad day" "a cold day" mmmm anyone know?

I am stressed out a bit and it is causing me to have weird anxiety dream/thoughts whilst in bed. last night I was thinking about steak....then I thought that people do not eat "steak skin", then I thought about steak skin being tanned and then made into leather, then I thought about eating crispy chicken skin, then I thought about making "chicken leather".

welp, what else? this blog is much more in the style of "blog" than I usually submit to....I suppose I do not put alotta effort into my dear blog. I need to update the look! BUT I AM AFRAID!

man o man, pet peave = yelling through typing by use of capitals!

I will now go look for a default boring photo that does not involve any people in it to complain about my public use of their face to fill up this post.

ooooh here is a good one! mac n cheese at the liquor bar in new york!

oooh a theme! my huevos rancheros in new mexico:

Nov 8, 2007

time time time

oh november times. tough time o year here in the 'couv. seriously kids, I am trying to get Ryan to write some answers to inquisitive minds on the last blog...more liquor bar pics. have any of you seen this stuff on u-tuber?

watch them all