Dec 11, 2009


I stumbled upon a blog today in which the author tells-off cute animals. I laughed and laughed...

for some reason this post struck a particular resonance with me...

I still laugh and laugh...there is something about Alpacas that make me squirm, perhaps their odd body shape? perhaps their ever so warm wool? just the mention of the labyrinth movie put me over the edge (david bowie was in it!! wtf?)

Nov 26, 2009

Bloedel Conservatory

I love the Bloedel Conservatory--it is full of parrots, birds, and plants. The pacing is very slow. I guess modern society cannot handle a slow pace anymore and therefore it is being shut down. What will happen to all the exotic plants--will they just be left to rot? Can I adopt Rosie the african grey? Apparently the petting zoo / farm in Stanley Park by the mini train is being shut down as well.

this is the first petition I have ever signed:

feel free to join me...

Nov 14, 2009

artfully blindsided

double whammy of amazing art this weekend.

1. I got a wicked 1st edition vinyl copy of XTC's Black Sea. It blows my mind. It is perfect pop, perfect performance (pre computers), perfect lyrics. perfect energy--

2. I saw Matthew Barney's cremaster 3 film last night. my petty and simple mind was blown. infact, my brain plopped out of my ear and ran out my nose whilst watching this 3 hour epic (1 in a series of 5 btw). I am no longer capable of forming cohesive thoughts. I wont recommend it--I think anyone in their right mind wouldn't. but I am hooked--I want to learn more about matthew barney--the guy has long term vision.

Oct 31, 2009


Find more videos like this on R Y A N D A H L E


friendo, moneca made this one! let's make videos
imovie, here I come

Oct 29, 2009

chop chop what the?

so I guess this "youtube person" puts songs they (like?) to pre-existing anime.

a curious pastime. but it's fun to have a pretend-almost-video.

there should be some real videos soonie

Oct 20, 2009


I went to Mayne island for a while. My parents bought a cabin (that's my dad in the photo). It is so quiet and there are deers everywhere. a fine break from city life.

current favorites:
-negra modelo
-filippa k cardigans
-sea wall walking on non-tourist days

Oct 6, 2009

back from tour

home now...and mom is a nurse and she said that people are throwing h1n1 parties so that they can spread the flu and get it over with...wanna come over to my house?

Sep 27, 2009

Sep 20, 2009

Sep 4, 2009

RYan Dahle at the Biltmore!

This Thursday!!! wow, this poster turned aquamarine when I uploaded it.

Tickets for the Show this Thursday, sept 10th are now available at Zulu + Redcat records

they are finally available online at ticketweb

see you there...

Aug 24, 2009





our official store (whihc will have shirts, totes & buttons soon):

show dates are up on

Aug 13, 2009

I have been away. here is a show. it is my birthday.

today is my birthday.

I went away for 2 weeks. I could use a vacation from vacation.

Ryan Dahle: Vancouver: the Biltmore. Sept 10th. Montreal: O Patro Vys Oct 1.

more to come.

Jul 12, 2009

come to the show

Attics and Cellars open for Destroyer this friday. Ryan Dahle is going to play some percussion with us! The middle band the Shilohs are good too. You can't say no to this one.

Jun 25, 2009

Jun 13, 2009



Jun 6, 2009

underdogs: born to lose

our friend made a movie. she was inspired by Ryan Dahle songs to write, direct, and dedicate 3 years of her life to make this movie. I made a song specifically for the movie, I bet you can't guess which one. you can now watch this movie on super channel.

May 21, 2009

May 11, 2009

new found audio glories

just came across this. I don't know much about this band but the intrigue is high...dirty projectors.

I think I may have successfully made a facebook page for the ryan dahle. I cannot tell if it is doing anything though...I'm such a fucking tech novice.

May 1, 2009

countdown - RYAN DAHLE

t'ain't the artowrk but it was fun to do.

new song mixes on myspace. so there

Apr 27, 2009

almost May


there may be coloured vinyl in Ryan's solo album future....yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

victoria scooter rally is almost upon us. yessssssssssssssss!

I was guest-listed for Block Party and Hot Hot Heat last night. I really enjoyed the show! I dont go out much, so it was fun. I drank a pear cider. It has probably been 10 years since I have had a pear cider. I kinda want to go to band of horses in sept....I listened to XTC, hoodo gurus and Squeeze all day today--satisfying.

I wrote very journalistically over the weekend for a punk band's factor grant and for mono. maybe I missed my calling.


good USA indie labels? name some.
ex: sub pop / jagjaguar.....


Apr 12, 2009

Mar 27, 2009


well, the upcoming kraanerg performance is my staff pick of the week. I just got tickets. oops, I mean, rock n roll, go junos.


something slightly unrelated:

exercise in patience.

Mar 7, 2009

bird bag

pretty busy weekend.
attics and cellars home show at mr zumpano's
mono photo shoot for autumn collection
tofino next week!

Feb 16, 2009

new post

I guess I need to do something exciting and take some photos of it as I am lacking a visual blog inspiration.

I went to bang on a Can, it was awesome. way better than I expected. A truly new movement in music. I would go into detail but I expect it would bore most.

How about the weather, here in sunny vancouver. This winter has been exceptionally un-rainy. ya, so it snowed--but it gave us a white Christmas.

We have an album cover for the Ryan album. I officially like it.

Feb 5, 2009

bang on a can

bang on a can is going to play the chan centre this sunday for the push festival. I think it will be good. works by thurston moore and brian eno and ligetti's son.

Jan 30, 2009


Ryan is going to play with us!

Jan 24, 2009

credited plagiarism

hello everybody.

welcome to 2009, but I am sure your have heard that already. lots of exciting changes + serious dramas all over the world.

for me personally--nothing to report.

Below, please find a comment from friend Misty of blog-world-etc posted as a comment on my last entry:

Hey, for all the local Vancouverites - anyone who's up for a little Tank Hog activity, email or facebook message or call or whatever the new radio station the Peak and demand that they play some Limblifter. I haven't heard any yet, and I keep asking but they'd rather play Jack Johnson or whatever. Anyway, ask for some LL, cuz we want them good and warmed up and trained for if and when Ryan's album comes out.
Misty | 01.23.09 - 4:50 am | #

Jan 8, 2009


In summation: