Oct 28, 2007

new york stories

so it was hot in NYC. new york is shrinking. everytime I go it gets a little smaller and easier. whole foods was right next to our hotel, yesss!

That's me at Schiller's Liquor bar. yum and fun. please go if you get a chance. also, that's me in front of joey ramone Place. Unflattering photo, up the nose shots are never good. but the moment needed capturing. xo

Oct 18, 2007

baby's first blog

Hello loneliest people on earth,

I am Megan's E-list celebrity guest blogger.
My name is Shane Nelken and aside from being a transgender child councellor, I front the band The Awkward Stage of which your usual blogger is a most appreciated member.
We are currently drunk in NYC for the annual cmj music fest/failure rodeo.

Our show last night went pretty well considering we played on no sleep and very little interest.
(kidding) we brought the mutha fuckin' thundah!

we are trying to decide what show to see tonight.
Most of us want to see spoon but there are a few people hoping to see the seed beards who are opening for courtesy flush and
the fuck holes. Could be good but i don't usually like world music.

Its getting increasingly hard to type with all this puke on the keyboard.
OH great, now i'm pissing!

stop reading this and go outside.


Oct 1, 2007

I am home and here is my first video upload attempt

the boulder theatre in sweet lady Boulder...

this is at the Egyptian Theatre in Boise. good times. I played 6 shows with Fancey, and 6 shows with the Awkward Stage. You can look forward to my next video of a turtle eating a slug....no, seriously...