Jun 23, 2007

attics and cellars

did you know that blueberry was nominated for "recording engineer of the year" for the Junos? she didn't win, unfortunately. but she did go party in the 'toon with her close friend, nelly.

hey I've updated the attics and cellars link to an actual attics and cellars link.

isn't that amazing?

featured on the attics and cellars myspace page are 2 songs that we have so far recorded with mr ryan at his studio. laugh out loud and sheep and wolves...not the other song.

we have a show at the main coming up on july 6th. dan bejar will also play some musicy.

ryan went on tour with wil, for a week or so, to play some guitar and have some fun. go see him and say hi.

it is my dad's 60th birthday on sunday. cool.
happy birthday, gary edward.

Jun 18, 2007

whatever happened to....

the weather in Vancouver has been very un-summer-like. I would like to exchange it for a new one, please.

Next, limblifter dot com has expired some how, maybe Ryan will put it back up or maybe he will start a new website as his album that we have been working on is not a Limblifter album. More of a solo album. There are some great songs on this album that we are getting closer to completion. moo-ah ah ah.

I just downloaded some photos from my camera. It has been awhile! The above photo is from the May long weekend Victoria getaway. That's my '60 triumph and George's '64.

Jun 11, 2007


I bought a new bike.


it is a 1982 vespa 100 sport. all original. nothing to fix.

I am not turning my back on the triumph. but I have needed a reliable for a while.

I have not taken a photo yet.

Jun 5, 2007


I saw that movie 300 last night. I am sure everyone will disagree with me...but I thought it was rad. when I was little I loved Clash of the Titans and 300 presented me with a pure entertainment of cinema once again. Loads of creatures and oracles and deep-voiced giants! I like the guy who is the main character too--he was in the perhaps more excellent "beowulf and grendel" ...is it gerard butler?