Jan 6, 2011

a TV talk

why do great British shows get remade americana style?

I love this show: being human

it is perfect as is, and is perfectly British. Apparently it is being remade in America and I have seen some footage...no good. Boo.

office USA? office UK? thoughts?

anybody watched the new Sherlock mini series? It's even better than Being Human. Anybody watched Misfits? There are 2 seasons and it is addictive. I sure like that Boardwalk Empire show too...I could go on...


Tyler M. said...

I think it's because Americans are afriad of people with british accents. Any time I hear one I'm instantly terrified that they will ridicule my singing/cooking abilities. I blame Simon and that chef guy.

popfan said...


The Thrush Hermit of Australia?

TV Talk

- love Ricky Gervais as the boss... wasnt to big on the UK sidekicks..

- extras was a cute show as well..

- love its always sunny in philadelphia...

Anonymous said...

I keep trying to watch the American Office on tv...but I find it to be an over-absurd variation of the original premise. The good thing about the original office characters was that they were weird and flawed in a more realistic way.

I like the Chav girl best on Misfits.