Jan 16, 2011

berry bird

- went and saw the Brian Eno artspeak. 5/10
- got a new iphone. 2/10. but then I got the new one replaced with one that actually works. 9/10
- was thinking about going to the crispin glover slideshows...
- lots of new Ryan Dahle songs in the works at rehearsals. we will most likely play 4 new songs...maybe more


Keith said...

iphone rules!!! you won't regret it.

Excited about the new songs! Hope there's lots of concerts for you this year, please come back to ontario if you can, I missed you last time around.

popfan said...



Tyler M. said...

Nice, new RD songs are always great. I wish I was on the West Coast to see some new tunes. I've still got my fingers crossed for the re-emergence of Nurse Spitfire!